Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our little business is slowly coming together

Well its getting there.....slowly!!!!
Our little business is coming together.

I know I haven't posted in a very very very long time but I feel like I want to attack this solidly when my business has it's new cool look!!
As I said Jessica Swift is redesigning everything for me and we are getting close to the end. I AM SO EXCITED!! It all looks sooooo amazing and great and gorgeous and wonderful and cool and and and..... I can't wait to show you all.
Jess is amazing and such a wonderful person to work with. So cool!

So if I am only posting in dribs and drabs please come back soon and check out my new look!!!
But in the mean time know that I am busily stocking up on and designing my new exciting range of girls and boys clothing and making my line of women's dresses, pants and skirts too.
I am also painting furiously for an exhibition I am having with a gorgeous, wonderful and precious friend of mine in May next year.

Oh it's all so exciting!!! And doesn't summer just inspire you to be the best you can and get out there in the warm summer light and live life!!! Hmmmmm love it!

Stay cool.


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  1. hey hun! i'm back and guess what? I left my mobile in carnarvon!!! arrgh... will email you with my home number - I dont know your mobile number as it's only in my phone!!! Glad you've posted - keep us hanging on please!!! Can't wait for previews too btw ;)