Friday, July 30, 2010


I was putting my daughter to sleep tonight and I thought "I wonder what blog I am going to post tonight? What will it be about? And I should write one because it has been ages!!"
Then I started thinking about relationships, for various reasons...and thought "Yes thats what I am going to blog about."
Relationships are so diverse and so complicated and so convoluted and so interesting and so terrible, (sometimes), and so and so and so.......... But really they don't have to be.
Relationships between mothers and daughters, friends and partners, husband and wife......
I have started thinking about my relationships, in my life and I have come to a conclusion. The only thing that keeps them all real and all healthy and all true is as simple as, staying true to yourself and being honest. You can not compromise yourself or your beliefs for someone else.
I love my Art and being artistic and creative. It makes me feel safe and happy and content and thrilled and centred. It is what I love to do. It is my talent and it is my gift. It is the one thing that centres me and grounds me and makes me feel who I am. And that is a great place to start. It is my place! It is me!
Too often I have tried to keep or make other people happy, but let me tell you it is an impossible feat. I have achieved so much in the last few months and I have never been busier or happier. And the busier and happier and more true to yourself you are, the busier and happier you become. Its lovely!!!!
It's amazing when you start following your dream and living and breathing your talent, what life holds for you and what the universe offers.
My daughter is one of the most special and precious things in my life. I adore her. And I adore her more my following and living my dream....hopefully teaching her to live and aspire to her own dreams.
Life is about the present and loving the people around you and interacting with them positively. Enjoying the people that resonate with you and respecting the ones that don't.
Smile more and give others the compliments they deserve. Praise rather than criticise. Be brave and think...."I think I can, I think I can, I think I can,... I know I can, I know I can .....I did it!!!!!!
What a happy place it could be!!!!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whats on? Who? What? When?

This is how I feel lately!!!! What time was I meant to be there??? What am I doing tomorrow? I can't even remember what I did yesterday!!!!
The fact is that I love love this life of being busy and planning our new creative venture!!!! It feels so right and so good to do what you love.
I am just completely in love with, but completely over, our little cat Tinkerbell.
She is absolutely gorgeous, but absolutely mad too. I suppose thats why she fits in so well to our family!!!
I am sure that she was the runt of the litter and never got to her mothers nipple for milk.
I have never, in my life, seen a cat eat so much or demand food every single second of every single day,...... and night!!!!!!
She meows incessantly to go out at night, then after half an hour meows incessantly to come in. Then she continues meowing for food and then meows for pats and cuddles. if I am extremely lucky, she is in the mood to play at 2.30 in the morning, and meows for attention!!!!!!!!
I think we should have called her MG..............Madam Garfield!!
Term has started again, so teaching 2 days a week to middle school students. Swimming lessons for Starzia on Monday, work Tuesday, playgroup Wednesday, dancing Thursday, work and kindy Friday!! Farmers market Saturday and crash Sunday. No not really.... Life is great!!!!!
Plans with friends on Saturday and Saturday night. Plans Sunday. Then it all starts rolling again Monday.
What surprises me is not so much the being busy, I actually love it, but how fast time flies!!!!!
I know that everyone else is probably just as busy and hectic, if not worse............but I just want to leave you on this note.......
You still need to make time to consciously stop and smell the roses, or enjoy a sunset, or stop and really listen and enjoy the wonderful thoughts and opinions of the children around you.
Starzia told me the other day that she was going to be a teacher and then an artist and then......
she was having a bath yesterday and talked me into having a foot massage!!!!! So sweet getting a foot wash and massage from your 3 year old daughter!!!! Then she says "And now the other one mom!!"
As she is washing and massaging my second foot she proudly states..."I've changed my mind, when I grow up I am going to be a washer lady!!!!!!!"
Big smiles,
Skye :)

Friday, July 16, 2010


I was having a few dear friends around for dinner the other night and I was cleaning the patio in order to make it all look smiko for the evening. The next minute, with a broom in hand, a butterfly landed on top of my hand. It stayed there for 10 mnutes and then flew away. Amazing!!!!! Apparently it's good luck.
I was standing there thinking wow you are a gorgeous looking butterfly and was in awe that it sat there letting me look at it so closely!!!!

I am starting to believe "the good luck" part as I am going to get a huge and beautiful makeover of my blog and business by the amazing Jessica Swift!!!!!! I am so so so very excited......hence the delay in my posts. SORRY:(
So please say turned and watch this space!!!!!!!

I have also been meaning to show you some gorgeous drawings done by my daughter.........

Here are some amazing drawings from her sketch book.

This is a drawing of a beautiful butterfly!!!!!!!! I just love the wings, the face and the antennea!!

This is a drawing of a pregnant lady with a baby inside her tummy.
Luv luv the hands and fingers!!!!

This is actually Starzia's very first drawing of me!!!!!! "Mom with boobies"!!!!!!

This one is lady with long hair and black dress.

How clever is she!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely love this picture of Starzia...she looks so free and gorgeous.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Being busy is such a wonderful thing!!!

Being busy is such a wonderful thing..........I love it. And it seems the more busy you become the busier you get and the more things you want to do. AMAZING!!
It makes you feel so you are living every moment in the present. Enjoying where you are and what you are doing, choosing and living and loving it!
I haven't felt so alive, or so energised, or so creative or so busy or so happy in such a long time. I am living my talent and my dream with the dearest daughter, by my side. How much better can it get!
And you know what?
it doesn't really matter if we "make it" or not, its just being true to your soul, your talent and your love that is so precious in itself. "Making it" is just a bonus!
Life is just snowballing...and we are living and enjoying every day. Taking part in life and the world around us, putting our footprints into the sand as we dig our toes wondering were we want to go next.....not just sitting and waiting for life to happen, or inspiration to come, or or or.........
So cool! Be cool!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finding time or is it time is flying????

Things are starting to take shape.
Oysters, pants and singlets....the ball is rolling, the ideas are flowing and time is flying!!!

I often go through phases in my life. Sometimes all I want to have for breakfast is marmalade on toast with a cup of coffee. I can have it for months without getting tired of it!
Same goes with my painting. I have had a lighthouse phase, a spray paint phase, a lace phase, a grungy phase, and yes, a dark phase and now I think I am going through an oyster shell phase.
I love the roughness of the shell. It looks so textural and inviting. My favourite colours are there too.

What I love about painting is the freedom of expression. Of putting your ideas and a little bit of yourself into each and every work. The fact that it doesn't have to be a photographic representation of the shell but an artistic representation is so exciting and SO much fun.
Not to be trapped by traditions or techniques, so to speak, but to paint with the free abandon and free expression of young children. They live in the moment and enjoy the journey not really worrying about the outcome or other peoples opinion. The work is either a masterpiece or an absolute disaster. Either way it is the love of painting, the learning and the pure enjoyment of it that is important. How time flies when you are having fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Our ad...venture!

My daughter is very excited about our little venture........and so am I.
Actually it's not just this little, small, growing business that is our ad...venture but every single day and every precious amazing moment....
Consider this story for example.
Just the other day I tried to call my daughter, for the first time, by a nickname...Starz, but she immediately pounced on me and said "No mommy. My name is Starzia! You can't call me Starz."
"Why not", I replied, "I know lots of people that call you Starz and it's lovely."
"No!"she adamantly stated, (almost stamping her foot). "You are my mommy and you can only call me Starzia!" She is a gorgeous and very determined young lady so how could I argue!

Then a few days later...after hearing a lot about our new business together, and me explaining what I was doing and that it was our new business and it was called Skye and Starz etc etc etc.....she was sitting on the kitchen counter and said, out of the blue......
"You know what mommy, you can call me Starz if you want to, because I like it. It's like our are Skye and I am Starz. I am going to be just like you... and teach and paint and be messy and disorganised. Just like you mommy!"
(cuddle cuddle cuddle!!!!) think that you know your children back to front but you forget that they know you right back!!!! What a lovely, delightful, warm feeling and deeper sense of love that evokes. Children are amazing. My daughter is amazing. Life and opportunities are amazing. You just have to ride the wave of life and jump at each wave that comes your way, whether the last one dumped you hideously or not....because you never know where it might take you...............................................................

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New, exciting and scary

Hello to you all and welcome to Starzia and Skye's blog!!!!!
Starzia is my 3 year old daughter and I am a mother, painter and creator.
Yes I know it sounds strange for a 3 year old to have a blog but this little business SKYE&STARZ is a mother and daughter team.

We are venturing out into the world together, holding hands and cuddling along the way.

I aim to show my daughter that you can do anything if you set your mind to it and believe in yourself.

So this space is going to be a way of showing our creativity through painting and clothing design. Starzia already has done lots of paintings that hang on our walls and she has had a few framed. I think that she is going to outdo me one day.

I hope that as she gets older she will be inspired to be involved in our little adventure and our little business.

So please come back to visit us, as Starzia and I explore this journey together.
Come and see our creative spirit and soul take shape, grow and possibly fly!