Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Being busy is such a wonderful thing!!!

Being busy is such a wonderful thing..........I love it. And it seems the more busy you become the busier you get and the more things you want to do. AMAZING!!
It makes you feel so you are living every moment in the present. Enjoying where you are and what you are doing, choosing and living and loving it!
I haven't felt so alive, or so energised, or so creative or so busy or so happy in such a long time. I am living my talent and my dream with the dearest daughter, by my side. How much better can it get!
And you know what?
it doesn't really matter if we "make it" or not, its just being true to your soul, your talent and your love that is so precious in itself. "Making it" is just a bonus!
Life is just snowballing...and we are living and enjoying every day. Taking part in life and the world around us, putting our footprints into the sand as we dig our toes wondering were we want to go next.....not just sitting and waiting for life to happen, or inspiration to come, or or or.........
So cool! Be cool!

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