Monday, August 29, 2011

Enjoying nature

Hi all,

Starzia and I have been going for walks through this wonderful and amazing environment around us and these are some of the wonderful things that we have seen.

Don't you just love how fluffy they look!!!!

I love this photo. These flowers are so simple yet so delicate and so beautiful!!!

Texture ...........just fantastic!!!

And just look at the colour here!!! The amazing red of those leaves standing out and contrasting with the green background. Wow!!!!

And the simple elegance of a wild lilly!

The bright and stunning yellow of the wattle.....

Colour colour colour........................

2 leaves in love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

And lastly....the magical light as the sun sets!!!!!

Isn't nature just amazing!!!!!

I can't wait for tomorrow:)

Skye and Starz

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hi all,

I would love to introduce you to a very creative, talented and lovely friend of mine....Robina Meehan.

She makes amazing products out of leather that just look so organic and appealing. Bina has her own unique style and a wonderful way of expressing herself through her work.

She has an online business called Binakaye and I can't urge you enough to take a look. I recently commission her to make me some headbands for Starzia and this is what she came up with...........

I also asked if she would do an interview with me and she most kindly agreed.

Bina,what is your biggest passion?

In my 'whole' life it is to create and maintain a truly happy nuclear family. Where old fashioned values are maintained and memories are created to be shared for generations to come.
Exclusively, my biggest passion for binakaye is to create functional (each piece must serve a purpose) leatherworks that will last to be handed down for generations to tell stories of how they came to own a binakaye piece.

AND, I want to sell a wallet for $460!!! If Barrett Alley can why can't I?!

Bina, tell me, do you have any favourite artists who inspire you to create?

Barrett Alley! I LOVE their stuff..
Adam Leddin! He's currently doing my logo artwork and is a genius graphic designer!!
I suppose my first every inspiration was Treeva Stone.
She no longer does jewellery but created AMAZING jewellery and bags for years.
I bought a hair on hide handbag from her in 2003 for $140. I was a student and saved and saved and made sure she didn't sell that bag to anyone else!!

I fell in love. It took me quite a few years to realise that i could recreate some of that magic myself if I chose!!

What do you love most about what you do?

The flexibility. That I'm not restricted to ONLY creating one style or size or shape or article. I can make a hundred of something or just one. I can take as long as I chose or get it done fast.
Mostly I love that I can incorporate my creativity with living the dream of 'home and family'!

And tell me, why did you choose leather as a creative business?

I never imagined anything else. For me everything MUST be of natural fibre. Leather has such personality all of it's own. No two animals are identical and for that reason no two pieces of leather can ever be the same and therefore my work is always changing.
There's no chance of boredom... not that there could be really....
After all 'only boring people get bored!!" ha!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Living 'outbush' somewhere?
Heck! who knows where. With my husband and little brood. Living from our properties livestock and having the most amazing veggie garden EVER!! Happy little souls developing into all they dream to be, all around me!

Blissfully turning leather into works of functional art being sold across the world with the assistance of ever changing nerd machines (computers!)
What amazing projects are you working on now?

I've just completed a series of high-end belts for a wedding party in central Australia in September.
Satisfying job. Being a part of a HUGE memory making day. A wedding!!
I'm also plugging away at some stock for an upcoming craft market on 9 October in Geraldton, WA.
My order book is calling me with a few other jobs too, but I've learnt I can't force a job if it's not ready to come!!

What are your dreams for your business?

As previously mentioned i WILL sell a wallet for $460!!

But I dream of it being a little label all of it's own. Only ever created by me (never mass produced). To be profitable enough that I don't have to work nursing shifts at a nursing home but never too busy that it squeezes me away from my family and mates.

And my last question.....Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?

Everywhere and anywhere!! Mostly when I'm not looking for it I'll stumble across something that trigger's an idea.

Often gifts people give me set me on a tangent. People who know me well often encourage me with ideas and when the mood swings and my self confidence is up I set sail!!!

Bina, thank you so much for sharing all this with us. Starzia and I wish you all the best in your creative journey. We think that you are absolutely amazing and your passion and commitment has been an inspiration to us.

Skye:) and Starz*

Friday, August 19, 2011

Having a play

Hi all,

I have not had much time lately to get into my studio.
But Starzia and I went in there yesterday and had a little painting session together.
I normally have an idea of what I want to do and how I want to do it. (With lots of texture!!!)

But yesterday I just squeezed out some paints, got out a canvas and started to paint.

I wanted to have a play as see what happened.
This is where I started..........

And then.......
I was finding it hard not to add material and paper and make my work textural. I was trying to come up with a flat, colourful and funky image that looked cool.

Then I started to think that my girl started looking too old. Starzia kept on saying that it didnt look anything like her and did I want her to pose so that I could look at her face and get it right!!! :)

Here I thought that it was all looking too red and wasn't "working"! So I added white, a headband and some flowers.

I didn't like the flowers so I painted in some darker colours.

I was working on the cheeks, nose and mouth.........
I love the white on the nose and I used my fingerprint for the mouth....I like how that worked too!!
And yes....I couldn't help myself I added some texture with material for her top.
It made me realise that I am truly a textural artist and that is my style and I love it!!!

Still not finished yet but getting there.

I am not sure if she is 100% finished yet or not...I might have to sleep on it.
But either way I think that I might call her Wild Heart, or Brave Heart or Flying Heart.
What do you think??

It was so much fun just having a play and seeing where my paintbrush took me........I love it when by doing something that is not completely you, reaffirms your belief in yourself and the way that you do things.
I am completely unique and so is my style and application and ultimately my art work.
It is such a lovely feeling.

Enjoy being who you are.............

Skye:) and Starz*

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What does it mean to be earthy??

Hi all,

I have been thinking lately that I love being earthy! and I am looking forward to being more earthy!!!

What on earth am I talking about when I say earthy??? Excuse the pun.

What is earthy to me.....?
I am living in a place surrounded by trees and Starzia and I are starting our own vegie patch. So far we have planted oregano (Starzia's favourite), parsley and thyme.

I want to plant some rasberries because they are my absolute favourite. Fresh rasberries....mmmmmmmmmmm!
Maybe some tomatoes and who knows what else??
It's very strange actually because I have no green fingers what-so-ever. But feeling the earth in your hands is pretty cool.

Starzia just loves planting and that is pretty cool to see too. The joy on her face and her enthusiasm:) Love love.

Also some friends of mine have gone away and I am looking after the chickens and collecting the eggs. I must clarify that although I have spent some time on a farm (with an old boyfriend from college) I am not your typical farming, earthy gal.
It does not come naturally.
But I am loving the experience and I am jumping at the chances and opportunities that I am getting to be more earthy.

The chickens (25 of them- yes we are not just talking about a mere 1 or 2...) love their chicken scraps and bombard me as soon as I get close. I have only been pecked a few times but love the fact that I decided to wear a glove after my first effort. Good thinking on my part!!!
It's all about getting back to nature and back to what is true for me.
Back to basics.
What makes me rock.
What makes me happy and free and alive and earthy?
Who am I and what makes me tick?
What dreams and wishes do I have?
How can I simplify life and make more room for whats important......Starzia, our business and our dreams?

Her is a painting I did of a fairy a while ago. I love the texture and the earthiness about it. (if that makes sense!)

And here is another one....... the foreground here is my favourite!!! You just want to reach out and touch the earth, the texture!!

What does earthy mean to you?

Skye:) and Starz*

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where to begin?

Hi all,

If I have not already said it.....I am loving Margaret River!!!!!! The people here are so gorgeous, open and welcoming. I don't think I have ever experienced a place like it:)
Someone told me today that they thought that it was a hidden treasure and I believe them. I agree.

Starzia and I have been here 2 weeks now and it feels like longer.(In a good way) We have met so many lovely is good.

This week, our 3rd week..............
I have started an on-line course with Kelly Rae Roberts. Wow!!! She is such an amazing writer with so much information and so much self affirmation in her words. She is amazing. She makes you remember that we only have one life and we need to live it wholeheartedly, with both eyes open and hands outstretched to grab every amazing opportunity that comes our way. There is no time or room for doubts or fears. You just have to do. Love, live life and embrace both. Believe in yourself for who you are and follow, chase....make your dreams come true.

I am also trying (with difficulty) to get my blog working to where I am happy with how it works and looks and functions and and and....................
I am having some wonderful help from a gorgeous lady who has done all of the designing for Starzia's and my business - Jessica Swift!!! Amazing lady!!!!!!!!
Previously I would have said little business.....but I don't want it to be little so I am going to omit that little word!!!!!
But I must say that my galleries for Starzia and myself are looking kind of messy!!!! I have checked out a few other blogs and their galleries and they are so ordered and neat. Then I came back to mine and actually quiet liked that it wasn't so structured. It fits with who I am and how I work.
So I am going to keep it just the way it is:)

I am also trying to set up some after school art classes for kids and adults. Or parent and child classes. Or or or?????? So I am running around madly trying to find "a space" to work magic in.
And I will keep trying because I just know that something wonderful will come up. This little venture merges my art teaching background with my own art and will hopefully be another element in our business.

Designing and making children's clothes, painting and art lessons. Am I altogether crazy??????????

As for my little Starzia....she has moved towns, left behind people she loves, friends she loves and a life she knew. She has started a new school, dancing lessons, moved into a new house and astounded me with how well she has adjusted to all the changes in her life. She is amazing.
But I know that the one consistent person in her world is me and in my world it is her. We love each other completely and where ever we are, together, is home:)
I feel like my life is sometimes upside down, I am still smiling, as it just gives me a whole new perspective.

Skye:) and Starz*

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hi all,

Yesterday I started the Kelly Rae on-line course....Flying Lessons.
It was our first day and it was amazing!!!
We were asked to consider our affirmations to ourselves.
This is mine and I would like to share it with you all.........

I believe in myself
I believe in my dreams
I believe in me!
I believe in my talent
I believe in my creativity
I believe in my skill
I believe in my heart
I believe in my soul
I believe in my life.
I believe in love
I believe in happiness.
I believe it is possible
I believe I can do it
I believe......I just do!

I am going to say this to my little angel Starzia, every single morning, as the sun rises for a new day!! (She is an early riser!!)
But as the age old saying goes....the early bird catches the worm.

My daughter is always such an inspiration to me.
She is actually watching a movie while I check my emails etc and something was happening on the movie and she spoke out load to the characters saying "Never give up. Keep trying!!!"

Out of the mouth of babes. So gorgeous!!!!
I will never give up!

Just an image to leave you with.......I designed this for the Rainbow Steiner playgroup in Geraldton. They are printing it onto t-shirts for kids.
I just love it!!!!

I hope you do too!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Here and now

Hi all,

Well we are here and we are unpacked!!!! YAY.
This is our driveway..........the rest is even more beautiful.
Being surrounded by trees is amazing. They are actually our curtains and there is something definitely magical about that.

I must say that I am so looking forward to becoming all earthy!!!! And what a lovely way for Starzia to grow up!!!
She already has her magical treasure bag that she takes with her on our bush walks to pick up any little treasures that she sees....such as honky nuts!!!!

Then about 5 minutes away we have these amazing falls.
Just beautiful.

As for the business side of things......
I am looking into running some after school art workshops for kids and possibly adults too.
All looking good and have lots of interest already!!!!

Then my new summer range of clothing all designed and ready to be sewn. I will upload my designs as soon as I have made a sample.
Then Starzia, my beautiful model, is going to model this new season range, amongst the gorgeous trees. My little tree sprite:)

So much to do, so inspired, so happy:)

Skye:) and Starz*