Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a Halloween day!!!!!

Hi all,

I am sunburnt, tired, exhausted, wind blown, fly blown and exhilarated!!!
A very strange sentence, I know!! (Especially if you are a farmer!!!)
Let me explain..............

But first, lets talk HALLOWEEN, as it is the 31st October.
We had some gorgeous and delightful friends over for dinner last night and had an absolute ball. Don't you love an evening of getting together with gorgeous people and having lots of fun!!!! You guys are amazing!!!!
The kids all dressed up in Halloween witches hats and Starzia played with her hat again this morning.
Here are some gorgeous photo's of her and her witchy hat!

I also had a little play with a rough Halloween sketch of my own. But this little one is probably a bad, mad fairy rather than a witch!

What do you think????

Anyway back to my sunburnt and windy day......
Donna and I had a stall at the Blessing of the Fleet markets to sell our collaborative Christmas cards.
We arrived to a gale force wind which made setting up very challenging. Then came the constant haze of icky, sticky and pesky flies. I think I almost went mad and I am sure that I looked like a windmill the whole day, flapping my arms around trying to shoo then away.
I came home tired, exhausted, sunburnt, wind blown and self-nominated fly hater of the year!!....but strangely also extremely exhilarated!!!!
The amount of positive feedback for our cards was fantastic!!! I think my smile disappeared due to the flies and then someone would come and say something wonderful about the designs and my face would light up again for the next hour and the flies disappeared (almost).

It was so great!!!!
And thank you to all those wonderful friends out there who came and supported us and bought some of our cards. You guys are amazing and so so so supportive. And I also know that you bought the cards because you loved them as much as we do!!
Also thanks to everyone we didn't know who liked our work and bought some too. :)

Happy Halloween to you all and we hope that you have a Halloween day of your own to remember.

Skye:) & Starz *

Friday, October 29, 2010

How on earth can life be such a juggling act, plus moments of joy

Hi all,

Just a quick story, because I love stories....actually I eventually want to write and illustrate my own children's book some day soon (When I have the time to squeeze it in) another goal, another dream....I think sometimes I have too many, if thats possible!
But I digress.
Back to my story.
Starzia woke up this morning and said "Morning mom, I love you. Is it wake up time?" (She is always bright as a button as soon as her eyelids open...actually as soon as they are even half open!!!)
"Absolutely not', I replied, "Roll over and go to sleep!"
"But Mom, I am sure its wake up time. Its light outside." Meanwhile she is crawling all over me and lifting up my eye lids with her little fingers.
I eventually open my eyes. She looks at me with a very concerned look on her face and she states, worriedly "Where are your happy dots Mom?"
Fuzzily my brain registers "happy dots" and a complete look of incomprehension crosses my face.
Starzia reads my face clearly and then puts her little fingers onto the corners of my mouth and lifts upwards. "Your happy dots Mom."
"Ahhh", I think, as I realise I must look like a half awake, half befuddled, half crazed, or should I say dazed, mother who smiles, without encouragement, this time, thinking "You are the most amazing, most precious, most gorgeous, most wonderful person I know......and you are mine:) :) :)!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are now all wearing your happy dots!!!! (Maybe that could be an idea for a clothing story!!!!) Hmmmm..........

Smiles all round.

Monday, October 25, 2010

My love, my life, my smile!!

Hi all,

What a busy, but gorgeous day!!!!
Our Christmas cards arrived today. YAY!!!!
Yes they are here and ready to send out to all that love them. I must say, it is so cool seeing them at the completed stage. It fills my heart with warmth and pride and love for what I do. Amazing!

Talking about amazing.....My little and gorgeous Starzia amazed me yesterday!!! I was taking photo's for posterity sake and Starzia was playing with her plastic camera, (which has run out of batteries and which i have no idea how to work, as I have had not two minutes to sew together......)
Anyway I thought, "Oh shame, she has to pretend to take the photos!" I let her have my camera to play with.
I showed her the basics and she was off like a hot rocket!!!
Here are some of her gorgeous snaps!

Pretty diverse and amazing hey!! That's my girl!
I love letting her have a go and teaching and showing her new things. It's an incredible feeling!
Her face is just all aglow and her eyes shine up at me.

Back to business......

Here is my make-shift clothes line for our Skye and Starz range!!! (In our little flat)

Crazy hey! I think there is lots of posterity in our little day, just one day, it might turn into prosperity!

Oh, another thought to leave you on.....I was thinking about our clothing range and the different themes we might do, and what we might call them and I thought it might be cool to call them stories. Uninteresting I know, but this is what my head is filled with these days.....this and clouds:)

Stay well.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The new us!!!

Welcome to our new and improved look....isn't it just amazing!!!!!!
Jessica Swift is such a lovely, clever and talented young lady. She has produced such an incredible branding for us! Love it love it love it....and I hope you do too.

I am so excited about everything that has been happening lately.
1. Christmas cards are on there way so please order fast before they all disappear.
Head to to place your orders.
And here they are....gorgeous, unique and ready to send.......

2. I have been stocking up on my wonderful, new clothing range. It is all hanging on a make shift hanging system in my little flat. I will have to post a photo tonight to show you.I think you will all just laugh.
I have to record these things, as in 5 years years time it will be crazy to see how Starzia and I actually started and the space that we managed to work in.
(Not that I have Starzia working per se but she does help me by choosing her favourite designs.)
"I prefer that one mommy!!" and " I really don't like that one mom!"

3. I am already thinking ahead to next summer about bather designs, materials etc etc Crazy, I know!!! But it's hard to switch off and contain yourself when you are doing something for yourself (and loved one) and something you love!

4. We are going to do a market stall in November to see how the public likes our work!!! Nervous and exciting!!!

5. I will start posting up lots and lots of photos and organising my etsy shop and facebook page keep in touch and see where this little business is going next!!!

We are starting to stretch our wings getting ready to fly. (Hopefully there are not to many crashes as we learn our way through this adventure and soar into the bright blue sky!!)

Just a little aside...I was looking up a word in the dictionary and I found my name...Skye...and guess what it means??
a small rough-haired variety of Scotch terrier with long body and short legs. How sad is that!!!!:(