Monday, October 25, 2010

My love, my life, my smile!!

Hi all,

What a busy, but gorgeous day!!!!
Our Christmas cards arrived today. YAY!!!!
Yes they are here and ready to send out to all that love them. I must say, it is so cool seeing them at the completed stage. It fills my heart with warmth and pride and love for what I do. Amazing!

Talking about amazing.....My little and gorgeous Starzia amazed me yesterday!!! I was taking photo's for posterity sake and Starzia was playing with her plastic camera, (which has run out of batteries and which i have no idea how to work, as I have had not two minutes to sew together......)
Anyway I thought, "Oh shame, she has to pretend to take the photos!" I let her have my camera to play with.
I showed her the basics and she was off like a hot rocket!!!
Here are some of her gorgeous snaps!

Pretty diverse and amazing hey!! That's my girl!
I love letting her have a go and teaching and showing her new things. It's an incredible feeling!
Her face is just all aglow and her eyes shine up at me.

Back to business......

Here is my make-shift clothes line for our Skye and Starz range!!! (In our little flat)

Crazy hey! I think there is lots of posterity in our little day, just one day, it might turn into prosperity!

Oh, another thought to leave you on.....I was thinking about our clothing range and the different themes we might do, and what we might call them and I thought it might be cool to call them stories. Uninteresting I know, but this is what my head is filled with these days.....this and clouds:)

Stay well.

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