Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a Halloween day!!!!!

Hi all,

I am sunburnt, tired, exhausted, wind blown, fly blown and exhilarated!!!
A very strange sentence, I know!! (Especially if you are a farmer!!!)
Let me explain..............

But first, lets talk HALLOWEEN, as it is the 31st October.
We had some gorgeous and delightful friends over for dinner last night and had an absolute ball. Don't you love an evening of getting together with gorgeous people and having lots of fun!!!! You guys are amazing!!!!
The kids all dressed up in Halloween witches hats and Starzia played with her hat again this morning.
Here are some gorgeous photo's of her and her witchy hat!

I also had a little play with a rough Halloween sketch of my own. But this little one is probably a bad, mad fairy rather than a witch!

What do you think????

Anyway back to my sunburnt and windy day......
Donna and I had a stall at the Blessing of the Fleet markets to sell our collaborative Christmas cards.
We arrived to a gale force wind which made setting up very challenging. Then came the constant haze of icky, sticky and pesky flies. I think I almost went mad and I am sure that I looked like a windmill the whole day, flapping my arms around trying to shoo then away.
I came home tired, exhausted, sunburnt, wind blown and self-nominated fly hater of the year!!....but strangely also extremely exhilarated!!!!
The amount of positive feedback for our cards was fantastic!!! I think my smile disappeared due to the flies and then someone would come and say something wonderful about the designs and my face would light up again for the next hour and the flies disappeared (almost).

It was so great!!!!
And thank you to all those wonderful friends out there who came and supported us and bought some of our cards. You guys are amazing and so so so supportive. And I also know that you bought the cards because you loved them as much as we do!!
Also thanks to everyone we didn't know who liked our work and bought some too. :)

Happy Halloween to you all and we hope that you have a Halloween day of your own to remember.

Skye:) & Starz *

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