Friday, October 29, 2010

How on earth can life be such a juggling act, plus moments of joy

Hi all,

Just a quick story, because I love stories....actually I eventually want to write and illustrate my own children's book some day soon (When I have the time to squeeze it in) another goal, another dream....I think sometimes I have too many, if thats possible!
But I digress.
Back to my story.
Starzia woke up this morning and said "Morning mom, I love you. Is it wake up time?" (She is always bright as a button as soon as her eyelids open...actually as soon as they are even half open!!!)
"Absolutely not', I replied, "Roll over and go to sleep!"
"But Mom, I am sure its wake up time. Its light outside." Meanwhile she is crawling all over me and lifting up my eye lids with her little fingers.
I eventually open my eyes. She looks at me with a very concerned look on her face and she states, worriedly "Where are your happy dots Mom?"
Fuzzily my brain registers "happy dots" and a complete look of incomprehension crosses my face.
Starzia reads my face clearly and then puts her little fingers onto the corners of my mouth and lifts upwards. "Your happy dots Mom."
"Ahhh", I think, as I realise I must look like a half awake, half befuddled, half crazed, or should I say dazed, mother who smiles, without encouragement, this time, thinking "You are the most amazing, most precious, most gorgeous, most wonderful person I know......and you are mine:) :) :)!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are now all wearing your happy dots!!!! (Maybe that could be an idea for a clothing story!!!!) Hmmmm..........

Smiles all round.


  1. Oh bless! 'happy dots' there is a great kids story in there Skye for sure and I for one am going to try very hard to make them the first thing I put on every morning... Thanks Starz :)

  2. pS: don't forget facebook and flickr buttons too!!! ;)