Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I survived!!!

Hi all,

I survivedl!!!!
Reports almost done, exhibition for the school hung, labels and tags collected and market over!! WOW!!

I must say though, that the day before the markets was pretty bad!!!!!
I had quite a few crocodile tears, arguments with my mother, an over tired daughter, props to be sorted and clothes to be tagged and labelled and priced and sorted and sized and and and and and........

At one point I gave up saying "I'm not doing this anymore! There is no way I am going to get all this done by myself!" Poor me poor me poor me.

But a very timely visit from a friend of mine helped pull me together and I forged on!!!! (Plus a few more crocodile tears on her shoulder!!!)

I think I was up very very late with a pile of clothes in front of me waiting to be tagged and paintings to be priced etc etc
Absolutely exhausting!!!!

Up early the next day and a few gorgeous friends looking after my Starzia and helping me load and set up my gorgeous stall.

The market day was great and I am very lad I did it.

Here are some photos of my stall.

Thank you to all of you that visited me on the day and gave me so much positive feedback on my paintings and clothes. And Starzia's too of course!!!
I am so excited and re-energised to keep taking one step at a time and doing my best to make this little, precious business of ours survive and succeed!!!!

Please stay tuned as I find the time to upload images of our paintings and clothes onto our blog and face book and etsy!!!!!

My next project is to find a photographer to take some gorgeous pictures of our clothes and kids wearing kids clothing and just being kids. Having fun in the playground and running through the water park. Chasing butterflies and running after sea gulls at the beach!!!! I can't wait!

I hope you all survived your weeks and are doing something you love!

Skye:) and Starz*

Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 days to go!!

Hi all,

I know all I keep talking about is the Baby and kids markets happening this weekend...21st Nov....in 2 days time!!!!!! But it is taking up all my head space at the moment!

I am still waiting for my business cards, tags, labels and new range of clothing from my pattern designer and it looks like I am picking it all up tomorrow!!!! It's all happening tomorrow!!!!! Plus I work, plus the exhibition is opening!!


I think that I am going to be sleeping all day on Monday, if Starzia lets me, NOT!!!

I also know that I haven't posted many pictures up lately, but I promise, you will be inundated after Sundays markets.....probably Tues!!!

So until Tues, stay happy, be safe and go well.

Skye:) and Starz*

Monday, November 15, 2010

A smile or 2 in a busy week!!

Hi all,

This is one of my mostest and busyestez weeks ever!!! (Starzia always makes up words so I thought I would give it a try:)) Cool huh!

Writing reports for school, hanging a school exhibition on Thursday for opening on Friday, running around frantically trying to finalise tags and business cards and labels.....so that they can be printed by Friday AAAHHHHH so that I can tag and label my clothes for market day on Sunday AAAHHHH, plus working 3 days this week and squeezing Starzia in there somewhere. Plus seeing my new, fantastic pattern designer and picking up designs on Thursday. Plus having to contact my gorgeous designer Jessica Swift to help out again!!! Thanks Jess:)

Actually Starzia is never squeezed in....she is my beautiful life!!

I have been so fortunate to have worked with so many amazing people on my travels down the business world road....everyone has been so supportive and amazing and so incredible.
So many people have gone out of there way to help us in our little venture. I feel so lucky and fortunate and happy!!!!!
I think that the UNIVERSE is finally smiling at me and encouraging me on my little bumpy road because it has only taken it (the UNIVERSE) 38 long and hard years to finally get me to do all this!!!! (A very very patient UNIVERSE, I know) so great not to be given up on, isn't it!!!!!!

I know you are probably thinking that I am stir crazy...but no, I promise only just completely mad!!!!

Sometimes I shake my head at myself and wonder what on earth it is that I am actually doing and trying to accomplish........my answer to myself is "I really really don't know...but I am having, oh, so much fun and I just love doing it." And that seems to still my mind for a while and my heart just smiles happily, enjoying itself!

Then it smiles even deeper when moments like this happen........

My mother, Starzia, her cousin, Jenny and I were sitting at the table tonight having our dessert. I looked at my gorgeous daughter eating her ice-cream beautifully with her little spoon and I said "Starzia, you are eating so beautifully at the dinner table honey!" And before I was even able to continue with my praise and adoration, Starzia proceeds to put down her spoon saying, "I don't need that anymore!" Lifts her bowl and places it eagerly to her lips and proceeds to drink the remainder of her icecream from her bowl.
As if that is not enough she then smacks her lips and says "Yum!" and then starts to lick every skerrik of ice-cream out of the bowl.
Oh to be a child once again!!!!!!

Smiles to you all.

Skye:) and Starz*

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oops...not sure what happened there?

Hi all,

Oops, I think I pressed the wrong button!! A post with nothing in it!!!! Trust me to be able to do something like that!!

In a week and 3 days time Skye and Starz is going to have our very first outing at the Baby and kids markets on the 21st November....I have so much to do until then.............
Fingers crossed it all comes together!!!!!! Please wish us luck!

Starzia has been wearing one of my dresses and I have had so many positive comments about it. Very cool!!!!
Someone even said, "Oh I love your daughters dress....I might have to make one just like it."
Also I have had some friends around, who have asked,"Does that come in an adult size too?"
So exciting!!!!!!
Here is Starzia wearing one dress design. She is such a poser.
I just love her so so so very very much!!!

Look at that beautiful grin!!!!

And wow.....what a pose!!!!!! And check out that look!!!!!!!!! Model material or what!!!!!

This morning I asked Starzia what she wanted to wear today and she replied, "That dress you made me mom because I just love it!! I love all your clothes that you make!"

I tell you what...hearing that makes it all worth it. As long as Starzia likes it what else matters!!
Well it would be nice if everyone else liked them too, so our little business could grow and prosper, but thats a big step in the right direction for me.

Take care.

Skye:) and Starz*

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hi all,

I don't believe how busy life is at the moment!!!!! Incredible! I feel like I should be in the circus because I am juggling so many balls. I think I would break the world record!!

But a huge positive is that things are taking shape.........my beautiful, new, shiny, sparkly, amazing blog!!! (Thanks Jess) My business cards, labels and tags are in the process of being printed, ready for the up and coming Baby and Kids markets on the 21st November. My first launch...so to speak!!! WOW!

I have a pattern designer drawing up designs, which will be stock standard items for Skye and Starz because they are so different, cool, new and us!
I also want to design our own brand of children's jeans and swim wear. Plus get our own, unique material printed from Starz's and my painting designs.

As promised here are some of Starzia's painting designs on t-shirts. I tell you she is amazing!!!!!

This is a mermaid with a gold fish swimming next to her.

This is her picture of a boy with spiky hair.

This is her drawing of a surfer girl on material. I am going to make a dress with it. Gorgeous hey!!!!

There is so much more to show you, but I will have to wait until reports are over and school work slows down. I hope you love her paintings as much as I do. Let us know what you think. I am sure Starzia would love to hear from you all.

Until next time.....keep smiling and using your happy dots.

Skye:) and Starz*

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Melbourne cup, swimming in the pool and being creative

Hi all,

Melbourne cup, swimming in the pool and being creative together....what a great day!
Starzia and I had a lovely lunch at home with my father as we watched the cup race today.
Starzia swam in the pool this afternoon saying, "Mommy mommy watch me watch me!!."
She had a ball.
And then we both spent some time working on our little business together, painting some designs onto some t-shirts.
Starzia painted a person on one shirt, a mermaid on another and a surfer girl riding a wave onto a piece of fabric! Wow, she is amazing! I think that her designs are going to sell faster than mine....they are adorable. I am thinking of asking if she will paint one for me on one of my t-shirts. Hopefully she says yes!
I won't show you now, but I will show her designs to you soon......I hope I have wet your appetite!

Stay tuned and I hope you had a wonderful race day.

Skye:) and Starz*