Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Winter Festival

Hi all,

Starzia and I spent last Saturday out at the Steiner Winter Festival Camp.
What a lovely and magical day!!!!!

We went for a gorgeous walk down by the river and my little fairy imp was running through the sour grass, jumping over puddles and laughing with her friends. She had not a care in the world and seemed like such a free spirit. I was such a delighted and smilie mom:)

Then we returned to "camp" and I painted faces, with a gorgeous friend, for about 4 hours!!! The line never ended!!!!!
While I was doing this my gorgeous, independent Starzia was making damper on a stick, playing with giant bubbles and running with her friends.

(All photo's courtesy of Ali!)

Then my most favourite part of the day was our lantern walk.

(Plus the beautiful puppet show. The adults as well as the kids were completely spellbound!!)
This was the story of the Princess who promised a frog that he could eat off her plate, drink from her glass and sleep in her bed. Her father, the King, said that if she made the frog a promise she had to keep her word and do as she said.

Here are some photo's of Starzia and I.

I think that these days spent with friends, out in nature, are precious!! I will remember this day for a long time to come and I think that it will be a precious memory for my gorgeous girl too. What a gift to give to your children ..... a life full of gorgeous memories like this. I hope to give her many many more!!!!

Skye:) and Starz*

Friday, June 10, 2011

Commissions - love them!

Hi all,

I have recently been bombarded by requests for artwork, or commissions!! It is such a thrill thinking that people love your work so much that they are requesting a piece from you. Very cool!!
I love doing them as they provide a whole new set of challenges that push you as an artist and creative being. Plus there is always a time frame attached which makes a busy life, very interesting.

It's wonderful when people tell you what they would like the painting to be about and the colours they would like used. The only tricky thing is that hopefully the image you produce way exceeds the expectations that they have in their minds eye.

These are a few images from my most recent request. I thoroughly loved doing this piece...even though it took me a little while to figure out how I was going to get it to work.

This was the final piece. It was 80"x 24". Sorry it is so small, I tried for ages to make it bigger but just couldn't get it to work!!

This is a close up showing some of the detail, texture and overlapping. Even these little segments would make a wonderful artwork in itself.
Have I told you just how much I love love texture!!!!!!

I love how the material really gives the impression of moving, rippling water.

And these 4 fish in a row!!!!! Gorgeous! I love the spray paint on their gills!

Part of my love for texture is achieved by using mixed media in my work. This piece has material, paper, copper foil, spray paint, acrylic paint, water colour and doilies.

This is a lovely angle seeing the fish swim off into the distance.

Then a great friend of mine had a little play with her iphone and histomatic application and these are the resulting images. I am not too sure about the green images, but it is definitely nice to have a play and see the different effects.

This is me working on the painting.......

I am very pleased that the painting is now hanging on the wall of the owner and I hope that they enjoy it each and every time that they see it and find something new, different and interesting on each viewing!!

I keep thinking that this piece would look stunning with resin poured all over it.
Even turning it into a table top!!!
So many ideas......................................

Skye:) and Starz*

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Feeling a little bit famous?!

Hi all,

I have been putting my art work into a local gallery called Latitude Gallery. It has been very exciting seeing my work, especially my lighthouses, walking out the door and hearing people talking about how they love the texture in my paintings!! It is a lovely feeling people liking what I absolutely love doing!!

I recently saw that 2 of my art works were in both of the front windows of the gallery showing 2 strong landmarks of Geraldton....the lighthouse and the leaning Greenough tree.
So I just had to take a photo because I felt a little bit famous!!!!!!

This is my feeling "a little bit famous" outside the gallery.

This is my latest lighthouse picture, titled "Sea light"

This is the amazing leaning Greenough tree that I have called "Greenough Bend"

Starzia just saw me writing my post and saw the photo's that I was uploading and she said, "You are just amazing mom and I think you look lovely with your paintings!"

I think I am feeling just a little bit famous all over again!!!!

Enjoy the day and feel special because you are.

Skye:) and Starz*