Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Feeling a little bit famous?!

Hi all,

I have been putting my art work into a local gallery called Latitude Gallery. It has been very exciting seeing my work, especially my lighthouses, walking out the door and hearing people talking about how they love the texture in my paintings!! It is a lovely feeling people liking what I absolutely love doing!!

I recently saw that 2 of my art works were in both of the front windows of the gallery showing 2 strong landmarks of Geraldton....the lighthouse and the leaning Greenough tree.
So I just had to take a photo because I felt a little bit famous!!!!!!

This is my feeling "a little bit famous" outside the gallery.

This is my latest lighthouse picture, titled "Sea light"

This is the amazing leaning Greenough tree that I have called "Greenough Bend"

Starzia just saw me writing my post and saw the photo's that I was uploading and she said, "You are just amazing mom and I think you look lovely with your paintings!"

I think I am feeling just a little bit famous all over again!!!!

Enjoy the day and feel special because you are.

Skye:) and Starz*

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  1. Hi Skye, your paintings look great, I'll pop into the gallery later next week when I'm up that way for Donna's exhibition. Looking forward to meeting you there. Michelle.