Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Melbourne cup, swimming in the pool and being creative

Hi all,

Melbourne cup, swimming in the pool and being creative together....what a great day!
Starzia and I had a lovely lunch at home with my father as we watched the cup race today.
Starzia swam in the pool this afternoon saying, "Mommy mommy watch me watch me!!."
She had a ball.
And then we both spent some time working on our little business together, painting some designs onto some t-shirts.
Starzia painted a person on one shirt, a mermaid on another and a surfer girl riding a wave onto a piece of fabric! Wow, she is amazing! I think that her designs are going to sell faster than mine....they are adorable. I am thinking of asking if she will paint one for me on one of my t-shirts. Hopefully she says yes!
I won't show you now, but I will show her designs to you soon......I hope I have wet your appetite!

Stay tuned and I hope you had a wonderful race day.

Skye:) and Starz*


  1. Hey Skye! I'm absolutely loving the evolution of your web site! I like the two columns - wider post area - looking good!!! Sorry I've been out of touch - have been terrible sick for two days and lying very low and sad. Should be back in the land of the living soon though.
    xxx D

  2. ooooh and btw - just noticed the top tabs - great!!!!! You go girl!