Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I survived!!!

Hi all,

I survivedl!!!!
Reports almost done, exhibition for the school hung, labels and tags collected and market over!! WOW!!

I must say though, that the day before the markets was pretty bad!!!!!
I had quite a few crocodile tears, arguments with my mother, an over tired daughter, props to be sorted and clothes to be tagged and labelled and priced and sorted and sized and and and and and........

At one point I gave up saying "I'm not doing this anymore! There is no way I am going to get all this done by myself!" Poor me poor me poor me.

But a very timely visit from a friend of mine helped pull me together and I forged on!!!! (Plus a few more crocodile tears on her shoulder!!!)

I think I was up very very late with a pile of clothes in front of me waiting to be tagged and paintings to be priced etc etc
Absolutely exhausting!!!!

Up early the next day and a few gorgeous friends looking after my Starzia and helping me load and set up my gorgeous stall.

The market day was great and I am very lad I did it.

Here are some photos of my stall.

Thank you to all of you that visited me on the day and gave me so much positive feedback on my paintings and clothes. And Starzia's too of course!!!
I am so excited and re-energised to keep taking one step at a time and doing my best to make this little, precious business of ours survive and succeed!!!!

Please stay tuned as I find the time to upload images of our paintings and clothes onto our blog and face book and etsy!!!!!

My next project is to find a photographer to take some gorgeous pictures of our clothes and kids wearing kids clothing and just being kids. Having fun in the playground and running through the water park. Chasing butterflies and running after sea gulls at the beach!!!! I can't wait!

I hope you all survived your weeks and are doing something you love!

Skye:) and Starz*

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