Saturday, August 13, 2011

What does it mean to be earthy??

Hi all,

I have been thinking lately that I love being earthy! and I am looking forward to being more earthy!!!

What on earth am I talking about when I say earthy??? Excuse the pun.

What is earthy to me.....?
I am living in a place surrounded by trees and Starzia and I are starting our own vegie patch. So far we have planted oregano (Starzia's favourite), parsley and thyme.

I want to plant some rasberries because they are my absolute favourite. Fresh rasberries....mmmmmmmmmmm!
Maybe some tomatoes and who knows what else??
It's very strange actually because I have no green fingers what-so-ever. But feeling the earth in your hands is pretty cool.

Starzia just loves planting and that is pretty cool to see too. The joy on her face and her enthusiasm:) Love love.

Also some friends of mine have gone away and I am looking after the chickens and collecting the eggs. I must clarify that although I have spent some time on a farm (with an old boyfriend from college) I am not your typical farming, earthy gal.
It does not come naturally.
But I am loving the experience and I am jumping at the chances and opportunities that I am getting to be more earthy.

The chickens (25 of them- yes we are not just talking about a mere 1 or 2...) love their chicken scraps and bombard me as soon as I get close. I have only been pecked a few times but love the fact that I decided to wear a glove after my first effort. Good thinking on my part!!!
It's all about getting back to nature and back to what is true for me.
Back to basics.
What makes me rock.
What makes me happy and free and alive and earthy?
Who am I and what makes me tick?
What dreams and wishes do I have?
How can I simplify life and make more room for whats important......Starzia, our business and our dreams?

Her is a painting I did of a fairy a while ago. I love the texture and the earthiness about it. (if that makes sense!)

And here is another one....... the foreground here is my favourite!!! You just want to reach out and touch the earth, the texture!!

What does earthy mean to you?

Skye:) and Starz*


  1. I was in our vegetable garden earlier and then took a moment to look over my flowers because soon they will fade. It's a wonderful feeling to be close to nature even for little moments. Love this post! Your blog and your artwork are beautiful! Looking forward to exploring this lovely place. The pics with your daughter are very sweet, too. See you around Flying Lessons. :)

  2. Jamie thank you so much. Needed a positive today:)