Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where to begin?

Hi all,

If I have not already said it.....I am loving Margaret River!!!!!! The people here are so gorgeous, open and welcoming. I don't think I have ever experienced a place like it:)
Someone told me today that they thought that it was a hidden treasure and I believe them. I agree.

Starzia and I have been here 2 weeks now and it feels like longer.(In a good way) We have met so many lovely is good.

This week, our 3rd week..............
I have started an on-line course with Kelly Rae Roberts. Wow!!! She is such an amazing writer with so much information and so much self affirmation in her words. She is amazing. She makes you remember that we only have one life and we need to live it wholeheartedly, with both eyes open and hands outstretched to grab every amazing opportunity that comes our way. There is no time or room for doubts or fears. You just have to do. Love, live life and embrace both. Believe in yourself for who you are and follow, chase....make your dreams come true.

I am also trying (with difficulty) to get my blog working to where I am happy with how it works and looks and functions and and and....................
I am having some wonderful help from a gorgeous lady who has done all of the designing for Starzia's and my business - Jessica Swift!!! Amazing lady!!!!!!!!
Previously I would have said little business.....but I don't want it to be little so I am going to omit that little word!!!!!
But I must say that my galleries for Starzia and myself are looking kind of messy!!!! I have checked out a few other blogs and their galleries and they are so ordered and neat. Then I came back to mine and actually quiet liked that it wasn't so structured. It fits with who I am and how I work.
So I am going to keep it just the way it is:)

I am also trying to set up some after school art classes for kids and adults. Or parent and child classes. Or or or?????? So I am running around madly trying to find "a space" to work magic in.
And I will keep trying because I just know that something wonderful will come up. This little venture merges my art teaching background with my own art and will hopefully be another element in our business.

Designing and making children's clothes, painting and art lessons. Am I altogether crazy??????????

As for my little Starzia....she has moved towns, left behind people she loves, friends she loves and a life she knew. She has started a new school, dancing lessons, moved into a new house and astounded me with how well she has adjusted to all the changes in her life. She is amazing.
But I know that the one consistent person in her world is me and in my world it is her. We love each other completely and where ever we are, together, is home:)
I feel like my life is sometimes upside down, I am still smiling, as it just gives me a whole new perspective.

Skye:) and Starz*


  1. Skye - what beautiful posts you have written! I love the photos of your new home, and that close up of Starzie is absolutely amazing! I am so excited for you both, to see what beauty is unleashe din your creative world next! I know you'll get so much from KRR's class - you are ready to soar!!! Loads of love xxx

  2. Hi Skye,
    I'm stopping by from the e-course. Your a lucky gal to be working with Jessica Swift. She is an awesome artist and love all her work and blog. I love your artwork. Your commissions are amazing. The tree on the wall is fabulous and those fish are stunning! Great stuff! Glad to have found you. Looking forward to connecting in class.

  3. Hi Skye! I just absolutely love your blog! I am so glad you found me on Flying Lessons and popped by my blog. I too am looking forward to connecting with you in class! Your daughter is adorable!


    Gonna go snoop more at your blog here.

  4. Thanks so much Tammy,
    the tree was lots of fun and I would love to do more. It might just have to be on my own wall!!!:) Looking forward to connecting in class too.

  5. Hi Skye, Thanks for visiting me on my new fledgling blog. I love that you are choosing an organic gallery; one that feels more like you and your work. Bravo. Kelly Rae would be proud. :)