Friday, July 16, 2010


I was having a few dear friends around for dinner the other night and I was cleaning the patio in order to make it all look smiko for the evening. The next minute, with a broom in hand, a butterfly landed on top of my hand. It stayed there for 10 mnutes and then flew away. Amazing!!!!! Apparently it's good luck.
I was standing there thinking wow you are a gorgeous looking butterfly and was in awe that it sat there letting me look at it so closely!!!!

I am starting to believe "the good luck" part as I am going to get a huge and beautiful makeover of my blog and business by the amazing Jessica Swift!!!!!! I am so so so very excited......hence the delay in my posts. SORRY:(
So please say turned and watch this space!!!!!!!

I have also been meaning to show you some gorgeous drawings done by my daughter.........

Here are some amazing drawings from her sketch book.

This is a drawing of a beautiful butterfly!!!!!!!! I just love the wings, the face and the antennea!!

This is a drawing of a pregnant lady with a baby inside her tummy.
Luv luv the hands and fingers!!!!

This is actually Starzia's very first drawing of me!!!!!! "Mom with boobies"!!!!!!

This one is lady with long hair and black dress.

How clever is she!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely love this picture of Starzia...she looks so free and gorgeous.

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