Friday, July 9, 2010

Our ad...venture!

My daughter is very excited about our little venture........and so am I.
Actually it's not just this little, small, growing business that is our ad...venture but every single day and every precious amazing moment....
Consider this story for example.
Just the other day I tried to call my daughter, for the first time, by a nickname...Starz, but she immediately pounced on me and said "No mommy. My name is Starzia! You can't call me Starz."
"Why not", I replied, "I know lots of people that call you Starz and it's lovely."
"No!"she adamantly stated, (almost stamping her foot). "You are my mommy and you can only call me Starzia!" She is a gorgeous and very determined young lady so how could I argue!

Then a few days later...after hearing a lot about our new business together, and me explaining what I was doing and that it was our new business and it was called Skye and Starz etc etc etc.....she was sitting on the kitchen counter and said, out of the blue......
"You know what mommy, you can call me Starz if you want to, because I like it. It's like our are Skye and I am Starz. I am going to be just like you... and teach and paint and be messy and disorganised. Just like you mommy!"
(cuddle cuddle cuddle!!!!) think that you know your children back to front but you forget that they know you right back!!!! What a lovely, delightful, warm feeling and deeper sense of love that evokes. Children are amazing. My daughter is amazing. Life and opportunities are amazing. You just have to ride the wave of life and jump at each wave that comes your way, whether the last one dumped you hideously or not....because you never know where it might take you...............................................................


  1. Goodluck on your ad...venture...daughters are a special joy as well as sons..I have one of each! They are truly gifts from God! Have a wonderful day!

  2. aaawwwwwww! That is so awesome! Hi Skye, Donna steared me in your direction from Kelly Rae's class. Love your work! LOVE Princess Mermaide!!! ... I'm a follower!

  3. Such a lovely post! It made me smile! So happ for your new adventure! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  4. Oh my, I'm so excited for you both ;-) The site is great, and what amazing art - I couldn't pick a favorite. Of course you'll receive our support and by the end of today I think you'll be (not) surprised by how many come to the call - we are AWESOME women, this group rocks (and Andy of course hugs). Fly on by Fan page:!/pages/Me-Myself-and-You/105043419547115

  5. Lovely post & beautiful paintings!

  6. what a sweet post!! Miss my girl being that age. Love your work - fellow flyer - Dayle