Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ah! Love is in the air!!??

Hi all,

It has been a while....and I have been putting this post off because I haven't really been sure what to write, or how to write it! But here goes.......
My daughter and I have recently been galavanting around the country side again! This time to a dear dear friends wedding held in Grace Town (or rather very near Grace Town)
And what an amazing and gorgeous and beautiful and romantic wedding it was. The bride looked absolutely radiant and glowed with love and life and happiness.
The venue was stunning and everything flowed so smoothly and beautifully.
I loved being there, sharing in the warmth and glow of all the smiles and happy faces.
Love is such a precious and gorgeous and strong thing. (if you can actually call it a thing.......and thing is such an unromantic thing to say and to call it. But I can't think of the word I want) I am babbling again!!!!!!!
My head has been in the clouds lately and I can't put two conscious thoughts together....I don't know what is wrong with me!!!!!!! (Absolutely nothing to do with a gorgeous guy I happened to meet there!) But thats another story and not one to tell:)
It just gets you thinking about the complexity of love and life and romance and actually finding the partner of your dreams! Wow! How does that happen?
I have always been a true blue romantic. Completely and utterly dippy!!!
Believing in the princess, the knight in shining armour, the happily ever after...........the one true soul mate who is out there for you. Actually like finding a needle n a hay stack. Crazy or not, who knows??
I will just have to wait and see.................
It also got me thinking about capturing "love" in a painting. Love of a daughter? A husband? A partner?
Wouldn't it be interesting to do a painting of a beloved daughter and partner/husband, capturing love in their look and then painting it back to them, the love from yourself.
What colours would be used, what technique............and would you actually be able to show them your love through your painting? Would they easily see it leaping out of the page at them, for only them????
My heart feels like its all ready to burst and explode with all the love that is around me........or so the feeling goes!!!!!!!!


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