Friday, February 18, 2011

Catching up!

Hi all,

I have the longest to do list at the moment!!! So I am trying to catch up.

I spoke to a dear friend the other day and she told me off for not
including pictures in my blog posts, and yes she is completely right.........A blog post without something to look at can be a bit boring, even though my topics and writing style are quite captivating!!!!!!!

So here is a catch up on some photo's related to previous blogs......
This is the completed painting I did of Starzia in the water with her purple hat on. It is a mixed media painting and it took me ages!!! But I love it.
It now hangs in my lounge room.
I bumped into a friend of mine at the wedding down south, (Grace Town) and she told me that she actually reads my blog post regularly. Oh my gosh, I thought, so there is one person reading it....WOW! not just me and my computer!! I was so excited.
She said that I never showed my final painting of Starzia. So here it is Jess!! Hope you like it!

This is the painting that I did, that made me happy to realise, that I do have a style and a process in which I work. I haven't touched it since that day and not
sure if I should try finish it or just paint over it....task accomplished!!! Goal achieved! Still deciding.

She went through quiet a few transformations and I think I actually liked her a few steps previous to this one. But still.

Next is my latest piece in progress....................the Geraldton Lighthouse.
I have done a few of these, all different, and actually love that you can paint the same thing several times and they are all unique. You decide to do a different colour or background or texture. What's really weird is that I don't get bored of doing the same subject matter. It's really quite cool. I know some artists spend their entire careers painting the same subject matter, but for me it is quite alien.

As for the clothing side of our business, it has been on hold for a little while, but I have so many new, cool and exciting ideas that will be shared with you soon.

So if you are reading this, please leave a comment, so that I can find out if more than I person is out there reading my blog.

Happy, romantic and love filled days to you all!!


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  1. I DOOOOOOO!!!! LOVE the photos too ;) Great post - thanks Skye!
    X Don