Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Exciting and new

Hi all,

Life is becoming so exciting, busy and interesting lately!!!
I have ordered some absolutely stunning fabric from Funky Fabrics and some gorgeous flowers from Milky Designs.
I just have to show a little patience now while I wait for my orders to arrive!!!! Not very easy because I am not the world's most patient person.
I feel like I am juggling so many different elements in my life and I need 5 of me, to get everything that I want to do, done!!!!!

Starzia and I had a little play the other day with blending Art and Fashion. (Something I definitely want to keep exploring!!!)
In my paintings I absolutely love texture. It's my favourite thing!!!! So I want to keep exploring merging the two things I love doing and making them into one.
What a wonderful idea to have shirts with interesting texture for children to wear.
Walking art work.
And this is what we came up with......

This is Starzia's "mermaide with goldfish" shirt design. Bare in mind that she was only 3 when she did this amazing art work!!!!!! My clever cookie!

And this was my effort at trying to do a "kite surfer" baby jump suit!!!!!
I dabbled in kite surfing at one stage of my life (before Starzia) and the young man I did lessons with had a 4 year old son who he was starting to teach as well.
Can you imagine starting a sport like that, at that age!!!!!! How absolutely fantastic! I wish my parents had done that with me. Hence Starzia has a foamie, roller skates, skate board, guitar...............hmmmm!!!!!! Maybe too much.
I think I would like to, one day, continue with kite surfing. I think it is good to push your boundaries and do something that scares you or challenges you in some form or another. It ensures that you keep growing and living life to it's fullest. Always a good thing.

Anyway....back to 2 goals for the next 2 weeks are...........
1. My lovely friend is having another open house in Geraldton, with a group of talented ladies showing off their wares on the 10th April, me included. So I am madly trying to get some amazing creations made for that event.

2. Then I am going to be busy trying to take some more photo's of my gorgeous partner in crime, Starzia, in some of our new designs so that I can load them up onto my gallery and etsy shop.

I know that I am side tracking here...but..... I took this photo of Starzia the other day and check out those eyes!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! Her eyes are blue and golden in colour and I always call them ocean eyes. I think you could drown in them!!

I hope you are all inspired this week to do something new and challenging. Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy!!! It will add spice to your life.

Skye:) and Starz*

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