Friday, April 29, 2011

Life, love and other catastrophes!

Hi all,

Oh my gosh...where has the time gone???????
Is it now nearly May already!!!!!!????

Well, for a quick update Starzia and I have been galavanting around the countryside again. We spent Easter in Margaret River and fell in love with the place and the amazing people down there. I have never felt so welcomed and included and supported and loved. Amazing!!!!
Starzia actually said "Mom I don't want to live in Geraldton anymore....I want to live here for ever and ever!!"

As for love....what a complicated business!!! Or is it???
I think that life and love are meant to be simple. Should be simple.

If you come from the heart and speak with truth, respect, compassion and without fear of judgement, how can you go wrong?
I don't think you can. It doesn't mean that everyone is going to fall madly in love with you but it's a good way to be.

I think that fear, hurt, cautiousness, reluctance, hesitation, neediness, playing games and lying to yourself all create the world of "complication." Some people choose to live like that because the are too fearful of ????? whatever it may be. Sad but true.

I think that if we are true to ourselves and speak "truthfully" we radiate and glow with the warmth of being secure in who we are and what we want, no matter what our history. And I think that our warmth radiates and attracts like minded people. It's all good!!
I also think that we need to remember never to "settle" but strive for all that we dream of and want in our lives, whether it be in love, life or business.
Or all of the above!

I think that if we feel fearful of being honest and open and truthful but do it anyway, bearing our souls, self and our hearts to the world....taking matter what the outcome...... I think it is amazing and brave and how we should all live our lives.
And what a way to live!!!!!!
Then there are no regrets and no bad feelings because you did everything you could and you wouldn't change a thing because you were just being you.
You can't make anyone do anything or be anything for you. You can only be you and work out how you want to be and how you want to live.
I choose living with happiness. Living with truth and honesty with myself and with others.
I choose taking risks and making the most of right now!
(I think that it has only taken me 24 years to actually GET all that!!)

Well where do I start!!!!????
I have a mountain of material, beautiful ribbons and embellishments, piled up on my chair just waiting to be used!!!!
The possibilities....
The designs.....
The creations......
The everything!!!!!!!!!

But I am struggling to find the time. I know it is an age old problem and one I always seem to write about.....but I am going to restructure my life to make this all work. Because my precious little business encapsulates everything that I love to do and it is an important part of my life. The one part that actually needs to take priority, after Starzia of course! And it should not be at the bottom of my list.... "If I have time I am going to cut out that dress!!!"
So I am going to leave you with this deep, and hopefully meaningful post, and go and cut out that dress!!!!!

So to leave you with a quotations to think about...............

"Feel the fear and do it anyway!"

"Just do it!"

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

"Seize the day!"

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do!"

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