Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cars and lighthouses!!

Hi all,

I have been thinking about "good" things and "bad" things lately.

The other day I took my parents out to lunch (will they paid, I drove!) and I parked my car on the side of the street in a marked bay.
When we returned it started to rain so I used my windscreen wipers.....then I noticed a piece of paper under one of the windscreen wipers!!!

My dad jumped out to retrieve it and it was a mobile number!!

I think my parents were thrilled because they thought that I had attracted the attention of a secret admirer while walking from the car to the cafe and back again!!! If only:)

I tried to ring the number and couldn't get through and then realised that there was a number missing!!!! Strange.

So we went home and didn't think too much about it!

The next morning my mother and Starzia washed the car for me while I was at work. When I came home she sadly told me that she had discovered the reason for the mysterious note. My car had been bumped and there was a big dent in the front!!:(

So to cut a long story short........I now have to pay $550 excess to get my car fixed for doing nothing wrong!!!

Then yesterday I received a commission for one of my lighthouses which will pay for the car with a little left over!!!!

Strange how the world/universe works.

Then a last thought to leave you with is....I have been reading a book titled "Count your blessings. The healing power of gratitude and love." by Dr John F Demartini and he says that what you put out their you receive.......

So now I am pondering my car story a little deeper!!!!!!!:)

I hope the universe is smiling on you!!!



  1. Oh no!!! You poor thing :( Isn't it wierd how it plays out sometimes - always for a reason tho. Perhaps that person who bumped into you lives week to week with only a few dollars to spare, and yet they did the right thing by leaving the number for you - perhaps not knowing how they could pay for the damage... And then it rains and the number gets wiped out, but the universe sends you the lighthouse client, so that neither you nor the other person are out of pocket - and honesty has been rewarded... Perhaps??? ;) Well, I'm just glad that you aren't out of pocket anyway - otherwise it could have been a very big bummer! Missed you the other day - did you get my message? xxxx

  2. Hi hun,
    No didn't get message. Have Starzia's grandmother here at the moment.
    Will call you tomorrow when all quiet and s at school.:)