Sunday, February 19, 2012

The creative swing

Hi all,

Wow what a busy time it has been!!!!!!

With Christmas, holidays, Starzia's 5th birthday and party, my 40th birthday and dinner and dinner and party!!! (Yes it has been an extended celebration)
Life has been both full and wonderful.

I actually got to see my gorgeous twin sister too, for one night, to celebrate our birthday together. She spoilt Starzia with presents, just as much as she spoilt me.
Here is a photo of Starzia with her new Indian headband from her aunt.

And this is Starzia being an indian brave:)

We have also recently had my mother and my older sister stay for a week with us in our magic hideaway!!!! They also stayed for my 40th birthday party celebration as well. It was just gorgeous having them there!!!!
Starzia decided, one morning, to give them a little Princess fashion parade. She pretended that she was on the catwalk!!! A model in the making:)

Look at that face:) So gorgeous and loveable!!!!

Now the house is back to just the 2 of us and it is time to get into the creative swing of things, once again.

I have recently found out that I am accepted into the 30x30x30 Challenge. It is a fundraising project for the Montessori school in Perth.
30 artists doing 30 works in 30 days!!!!!! Very exciting.

Here is an excert..

"In November 2011 we put the call out to artists and art groups to challenge themselves to complete 30 artworks in 30 days. 900 artworks to be exhibited together and offered for sale. It was an ambitious fundraising project for the new art building at our School. The artists and the school would work together and share the profits. It was a unique concept and had never been tried before in Western Australia. How many would take up the challenge was the great unknown.

On the 20th January we celebrated when our 30th application was received. The event would go ahead. Yay! But we had no idea of what was in store. By the close of registrations, just two weeks later, we had 93 applications from over 150 artists."

I will keep you posted as this challenge progresses. If you click on the link I am behind curtain number 2:)

This year is going to be full of fun, challenge and creativity.

I have so many goals and aspirations that will hopefully come to fruition:) I will share them with you as I make my way down my todo list:)

Exciting times ahead:)

This is a painting I did a while ago and I still love it.
It is called Freedom Flight.
The freedom to fly off on your own, creating your own path, doing what you love and believing in yourself. No matter what others think it is about being brave and taking risks. Living and flying your own journey.

It seems very appropriate at the moment and I wanted to share it with you:)

Skye and Starz:)

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