Saturday, December 11, 2010

Busy days and ,odds and ends, and pondering

Hi all,

Speech night done and one more day until school is over for another year!!!!! Bring on the holidays!!!!! I so love love the summer holidays and Christmas time. I love the feeling of life and excitement and celebration and family and friends and holidays...............

Still getting Christmas organised though and I haven't wrapped one single presents hard to find the time with a precious 3 year old around.......and by the time night time comes I am also ready for bed and zzzzzzzzzzzz's!

Off to a wedding in Dunsborough soon and just had an Intimo party with a lovely friend of mine who I went to school with. I invited 20 odd people and only one person turned up!!!!!!!!! Lots cancelled, some forgot and others.....hmmmm my Xmas list!!!!!!!! Only joking!!!!

Paintings for the Regional Art Gallery still underway!!! I am still working on the painting of Starzia and I am loving it. But I have reached a stage where I love it....but it has such a long way to go....but I don't want to spoil it!!! But I have to get over the luxury of having that feeling, be brave and get on with it! I believe in myself so I am sure I will enjoy the challenge and love it in the end!

Between painting I have been pondering.....and............................. it is so important to live life and not just let it flitter flutter or fly by!!! My father said to me the other morning to make the most of each day and of being young because it goes by too fast. He is right! It is so important to stop and prioritise what needs to be done and what you want to do and do what you want to do!!!!!
I even feel now the days running away with me and becoming one!!!!
That's why I find it so gorgeous watching my beautiful angel playing. Watching her experiencing life .................and moments and being so thrilled and captivated by it......and she teaches and inspires me to do the same. It really is incredible!!!!

So I am determined to make the most of these holidays....throw myself into opportunities and experiences that present themselves and challenge myself to be more courageous and hopefully more than once take myself out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to be and become a better person!!

So, in short, while I am doing all this, I will be away for a short while and will not be blogging or posting photo's or organising my etsy shop etc etc.......all things on my very long to do list. But I am going to put it on pause for a while and enjoy my daughter and the wedding and my family and most special day of the year. I just love it!

So cheers to you all....I hope you have a very safe and exhilarating Christmas full of thrilling opportunities and adventures.

I will have lots of stories to tell you all....or here's hoping!!!!!!

Take care and talk to you soon.

Skye:) and Starz*

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