Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back again!!!!!!

Hi all,

Gosh time flies!!!!! I can't believe that it is the 14th Jan already!!! Happy New Year to you all!! I hope that it has been a happy and safe one so far.

Well Starzia and I have been gad-abouts.....we had a huge and delightful family Christmas. With sisters, brothers, cousins and more around to make the holidays special. Starzia had such a wonderful time having full time playmates!!!

My twin sister was so inspiring, as she loved everything that I was doing and gave me some beautiful comments, fresh directions and a little bit of constructive criticism!!!! All good!

Then we had a flying trip to Perth to say a sad fair well to my sister and Starzia's cousins....I must admit I shed a tear or two!!! Starzia hugged me tightly and told me "It will all be ok mommy, we will see them again soon plus you have me!" and "Your tears are spilling all over the place!!" Pat pat cuddle cuddle!!

Then we drove to Busselton and stayed with some dear, precious and special friends and we spent New Years Eve together watching the sun set over the point at Margaret River. The waves were awesome and the point was absolutely stunning. Starzia had an ball running around and rolling down the hill with her friend. I honestly don't know which was more beautiful to watch...the sun set or my gorgeous daughter having the time of her life!!!!!!

Then back to Perth with some more tearful goodbyes and then home again!!!

I have been madly trying to finish my art pieces for the Mid West Art Gallery Prize. Artwork has to be completed by 19th Jan at the latest so this has been my first chance to get back into the swing of things.

I can't wait to finish off these pieces and cross my fingers madly that I get selected!!!! I will keep you all posted.

Then I can focus on my precious business again!!!

I have made some wonderful contacts over the holiday period and can't wait to show you what I have in store for 2011!!!!

And yes yes my etsy shop is next on the list.........................such a very very long list!! Hmmmm!!!!

Then I also have Starzia's birthday coming up shortly!!!! She is Dora crazy!!! Oh to be 3 again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So much fun and excitement ahead!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!

Skye:) and Starz*

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