Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting there then aiming higher.....

Hi all,

Well I can breathe for 1 minute as my paintings for the Mid West Art Prize are in!!! YAY!!! What a busy and hectic time. I think I was still doing finishing touches the day before!!! Not that I am a disorganised soul....just a busy one!!

This is a photo of what I painted.

And here is my painting in the very early stages.......

I unfortunately forgot to photograph the final image with my camera, only my I will have to work out how to get that to screen.....?????

Then a friend liked my painting of Starzia so much that she recommended that I put it into the Doug Moran Portraiture competition. This sparked my curiosity so I had a look at the previous winners and entries into this amazing competition........WOW!!! You have to check it out

I have madly decided to enter this incredible competition and paint another painting of my beautiful, gorgeous, inspiring and vivacious daughter. So that is next on my list. It has to be in Sydney by the 1st of March so I am once again going to be a busy woman. But I am so excited!

Here is another gorgeous photo of Starzia, that I am not painting, but that I love....look at her amazing eyes!!!

Well it is time for me to paint happy Saturday to you all.

Skye:) and Starz*

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