Friday, July 1, 2011

Leaving. Moving. Growing.

Hi all,

What crazy days we have ahead of us!!!
Starzia and I are moving to the beautiful South West in a weeks time!!!!!!
Our little flat is empty, except for a bed!!!! And life moves forward.

I have a strange, mixed feeling about leaving.
Excitement and sadness all rolled into one.

There are so many beautiful and magical people here, that have become very precious to me and it will be sad to say goodbye.
I am getting more and more commissions....which is so exciting and complimentary at the same time. It just seems like I am leaving a lovely town where life is just started to take shape.
But the wheels are already in motion and there are lots of reasons to go too!!
I love it down south and the universe has conspired to help me in so many ways to make this move possible. It's actually incredible.

Who knows what the future holds???
We just have to take our life in both hands, make the choices that seem to make sense, ride the wave and wish for the best!!!!


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