Monday, July 18, 2011

Trees, trees and more trees!!

Hi all,

Well this is our very last day in Geraldton!!
Wow!! It seems so unbelievable.

It is so exciting to start a new chapter in our lives though.
But we will miss so many things and the life we have made here for the past few years. The beautiful weather, the foreshore, the beach and all our special friends to name but a few.

I leave also with a few new commissions completed.
I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of commissions.
The problem solving and providing the "client" with something that they will love, in my style. It is so cool and I hope I get to do many many more.

An autumn coloured Greenough tree.............

...... full of my much loved texture!! I just love the tree trunk in this painting!!!!!

Then a very special and BIG project for some gorgeous friends of mine in their beautiful cafe, Salt Dish.
The final art work!

And the final look, with my gorgeous Starzia standing in front, to give some scale to the art work.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this piece and hope that I do get more requests to draw on walls. I think I must be a big kid at heart!!!!

The first mark was nerve-wracking...but once that mark was made I absolutely loved it.
The scale and the application and everything about this project. It was so much fun!!!
And I love love the end result.

So from Greenough tree to Salt Dish tree to living amongst the trees down south, we are a very happy duo!!!

I also have been talking to an amazingly talented friend of mine who works with leather. She is making me a few things for my up and coming photo shoot of Starzia, displaying my new line of clothing!!!! So exciting!!!!! And we are working towards combining our art work in some way!! I can't wait to show you all.

So many exciting things are happening!!!
Life is good!!

Well safe travels to you all and next time I post I will be posting from amongst the trees down south:)
Till then.......

Skye:) and Starz*


  1. All the best for the big move, new horizons mean new inspirations, I'm sure you'll love it. Michelle.

  2. What new things??? Please share!!! Love the comissions - they are absolutely amazing! No wonder you have happy clients - and BTW are you on skype? Get yourself a camera, we need to chat!!!! xxxxxxx