Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fire.Dancing.Painting.And sewing.

Hi all,

I know it has been a while...but between seeing flames on the hill from our window....being evacuated from home for 5 days and..............
life has been a bit crazy!!!!!!!!!!

It makes you realise though, what is important in life.
Loved ones and love!!!!
First, obviously, on my list is Starzia.
When I saw flames on the hill I thought if you can see flames then they are too close!! My priority is keeping my baby safe regardless if I am over reacting or not!!
And it ended up that we weren't.:(

All I packed besides the 2 of us was my photo albums, my computer and a change of clothes. Life definitely becomes immediately simpler and material possessions mean nothing.
I am just happy and grateful that we are safe.

I am also in awe of our amazing community and those around us. There is so much to be grateful for.

On the subject of gratitude..........I am so grateful for my gorgeous and talented daughter Starzia.
For the past 2 days we have been at her dance concerts!!!!
She performed on Sat and Sun afternoon and I must say that I am in awe of my daughter.
The feeling of love and pride and overwhelming happiness at seeing my confident little girl up on stage having the time of her life. Just amazing!!!!!
Here are some snaps. Not brilliant on my behalf :( but anyway........

Posing before we go. Front.......
and back!!!!! Cheeky little monkey......she just can't help herself:)

Then the first dino dance....serious business!!!

Then their gorgeous bikini dance.
And finally....kicking up a storm....

Now I am not usually one for making Whooo hoo noises at shows!!! But today I couldn't help myself!!!!!!!! I whooooo hooed like crazy!!!!!!

An amazing performance, an amazing teacher, an amazing little girl.:)

To continue on the subject of Starzia............. she decided she wanted to make Christmas cards for her teachers and she said that she wanted to print some using printing foam. "Like in the Art classes you run mummy!"
"Ok." I said ...and there was no stopping her. She knew exactly what to do and how she wanted to do it!!

So here is her Mother and daughter Christmas card.......

and her Christmas Tree Christmas card!!!!

As for me............................
I have a hard time keeping up with my extremely talented 4 year old!!!!
But I have managed to do some paintings of my own.....lots inspired of course by my precious muse!!!!!!!

I loved doing this one and enjoy working with the patterns created by the spray paint:)

And this one is a collection of pieces about my little girl starting to grow up...all too quickly:)

I have been playing with this image a bit lately. I just love the innocence of it!!!

Then I did this Angel face and included butterflies.

I have also enjoyed working with lots of colour of my latest tree. So I got inspired to do a mini mini canvas of a colourful owl. Or maybe I was inspired by my own toowit-too-hooing!!!!:)

And yes I have even squeezed in a bit of is my latest apron top. Very festive....and doesn't Starzia look gorgeous in red?:)

So from fire to dancing to painting to sewing.......the thought that I am going to leave you with is "Love those precious to you with all your heart and love what you do each and every day."

Skye and Starz

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  1. Oh what a fabulous post! I love all your photos of Miss S - what a sweetheart and so soooo good to see her again! I hope you;re taking progress photos of your lighthouses? I want to see!! And I'm looking forward to my own ten days of painting too - cant wait to catch up Skye - relax, enjoy and breathe in the stillness :)