Monday, November 21, 2011

Drawing whimsical girls

Hi all,

I have been playing around with creating my own whimsical girl image for a while now and this is my latest "play" in my sketch book.

This one is titled LOST BALLOON.
I love the plaits and the eyes aren't too bad.

I have been thinking about how popular whimsical girls are in the art market and would love to try one or two girls of my own. Maybe I should try and base an image on Starzia, as she is my little special whimsical girl!!!! Food for thought!!!

This was my next one. A heart balloon. And instead of putting the wings on the girl I put them onto the balloon. Not sure if it works yet!!!!!

Then the last image is a girl from the back. I have done a painting of Starzia from the back and there is something intriguing, captivating and interesting about not seeing the face....and wondering what the child is doing, or looking at, or thinking!!!

This one is called GIRL WITH A RIBBON.

I would also like to do a painting of a girl and put her into one of my handmade dresses. Actually have the dress in/on the painting....merging art and fashion!!!!!!!
I think that this might be my next project!!

This is the painting of Starzia. It is not the final image but part of the process. (I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of the final image, once again!!!!!:( )

I am also fascinated by the "grungy look" for want of a better word. I love this in paintings and often try to do it myself. Sometimes I succeed....sometimes I don't. But I try. And that is the important thing:)

This is a Halloween card I tried a while back. Inspired by Tim Burton's work. A bit more dark then grungy, but it was fun drawing it. I like the scratchiness!!!

This is my grungy looking pregnant princess fairy!!!!!

I absolutely love the background, especially at the very top!!

This is my purple princess who I have been working on today. She is still in the process phase!!

I hope that you try something new in your creative endeavours and whether you succeed or not it might take you somewhere................!!

This is where my endeavours took me today. Still not completed but I am happy:)



  1. wow skye - i love all your new paintings - even though they're unfinished, I still LOVE them! My fave would have to be the pregnant one :) Thoughts and pryers your way today and so glad you and Miss S are safe and sound :) xxx Us3

  2. These are amazing! Makes me inspired to practice more with sketching. Take care...:)