Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lighthouses again

Hi all,

I am currently painting my new lighthouse commission and it got me thinking about all the lighthouses I have painted.

I have realised that I have actually painted quiet a few.

I also realised that I am not very good at taking photo's of my artwork. So hence I do not have a photograph of every lighthouse that I have painted!!!
Sad but true:(

It would have been wonderful to have the collection of work in a photo album, in order of completion.
I will definitely need to improve on documenting my work.

Here is my very first Lighthouse that I painted. A friend has it on her wall in Geraldton:)

Then I went through a very textural phase. This was very very lumpy!!! And was part of my joint exhibition titled SHORELINE THREADS with my wonderful and talented artist Meagan Plummer!!!!!

This one is currently at Latitude Gallery in Geraldton:)
It is one of my favourites!!!!!

Then my lovely Rainbow themed light house:)

The classic red and white.

The Geraldton scene!!!!

My floral lighthouse. This was lots of fun. This is still in the process stages....I think I forgot to take a photo of the finished product!!!!

A close up of my lime green and turquoise lighthouse. Once again no final image:(

I think I have also done more............... but have no photo evidence of at all!!!!

But wherever the lighthouses are I am thrilled that people enjoy them as much as I do.
I don't know when I will stop painting them because I love that they are all different, all unique but yet all the same.
I actually would also like one myself.
Maybe that will be the very last one that I do.....the one that I will keep:)

I am also intrigued to see all the differences in lighthouses from place to place.
I find it fascinating!!!!
Here is the Leeuwin Lighthouse which I am dying to paint, since Starzia and I live down here now. I love the idea of really working with texture again here and seeing what I produce!!!!

I will also start being more diligent on photographing my work so as to keep a record.

Imagine one day collecting/borrowing all the lighthouses from all their owners and having a lighthouse exhibition when I am 80+. What a thrilling idea.

I wonder how many there will be?????


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