Friday, November 11, 2011

Being crafty and arty

Hi all,

Well Starzia and I have been busy being crafty and arty!!!!!!!!!

I have been working very hard on my new lighthouse commission and I think it is finally finished!!!!!!

The completed lighthouse....

Then Starzia and I got into a little paper mache outside in the sunshine!!!!!
We had to wait overnight until it dried and then the next day Starzia just wanted to paint.

So we did.

Starzia's paper mache elephant..............."Rosie"

....because she is covered in flowers!:)


Isn't she just gorgeous!!!!!! I want to put her on the mantle piece but Starzia wants to play with her!!!!!

Then I did a little start on one of my new little paintings:)

Little painting..................

Starzia wants this one. She loves it!!!!!!

We have also been making horses out of paper and tape. They actually stand...but I took the photo with my iphone and haven't worked out how to upload it yet. Hence no picture. But I am sure that you can imagine how good they look.:)
They even have riders!!!!!!

Then today Starzia wanted to do some more construction!!!!!!!!
So we made some long necked puppet giraffies!!!!!!!!

Our girraffies.......

The mommy giraffe is the red one called "Red" and the baby giraffe is the pink one, also called "Rosie", it is Starzia's favourite name!!!

They are not complete yet.

I wonder what Starzia will want to make creative, gorgeous and talented girl!!:)

Be creative. Make something. It's fun!!

Skye and Starz x


  1. You have been busy! The light house is divine... Love Rosie the Elephant too... rainbows and elephants ALWAYS make me smile ;)

  2. @Binxcat1
    Thank you so much. Starzia and I have had lots of fun together lately doing all these craft activities together!

  3. Wow! It looks like it's a lot of fun at your house. Rosie is beautiful and you did an amazing job on the lighthouse. Love it!