Friday, March 2, 2012

Perth and back

Hi all,

Well Starzia and I are home again after a flying trip to Perth and back!!!!

While we were there Starzia and I went down to Cottesloe beach to look at the Sculptures by the Sea and go for a much needed swim!!!!

This is Starzia with her trendy sunglasses on!!!!!

This was one sculpture that was people hand-standing and balancing on chairs. Very cool!!!
Starzia said "Mommy this is like going to a gallery but outside at the beach!" She loved it. My budding little artist and art critic:)

And these were blankets in cubes set in the dunes.

Then beautiful white circles blowing in the breeze. Like white butterflies.

Then red plastic shoes in the dunes....leading the way and a lovely bright contrast to the green surrounding bushes/vegetation.!!!!

An stunning pods hanging in the trees. These were made of wire and the white parts are stones. Just gorgeous!!!!!

And we both loved these suspended balls!!!!!!

There was so much variety and so much to look at!! We just loved it.

Some sculptures were so hidden and part of the environment it was such a lovely surprise to "happen" upon them.
Others were gearing and brazen and stuck out, vivid and present in the environment!!!

I am so glad that we were able to see this wonderful display and recommend that if you haven't yet go.

Stunning location, gorgeous idea and amazing works.

It is an afternoon by the sea side that I won't easily forget:)

Skye:) and Starz*

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