Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photo shoot #2

Hi all,

Starzia and I had another photo shoot, and we loved it!!!
We had so much fun and Starzia is such a natural model.
See what you think???!!!!

The first outfit is a stunning red and white top for those hot summer days, paired with a gorgeous pair of red shorts.

Starzia made the flower that she is holding in her hand.

Look at this model pose!!!!!
I painted the gorgeous butterfly on her face and she added the jewels:)

A smilie and happy model!!!

I love this photo!!!!!!!!!

A close up showing the red and white ribbon of this halter top.

A serious pose!!!

Then we had a flower girl photo shoot showing off our stunning fairy dress design.

This photo shows the lovely black flower and ribbon detail!!

I absolutely love the headband and I think it sets off the whole 'look" of this piece.

This shows the back of the dress. The ribbon looks great flying behind her as she walks down the steps.

And to add to the flower girl image Starzia carried a sprig of flowers:)

Such a lovely dress on a beautiful girl.

We have so many more designs and exciting clothing to show so please come back and visit:)
And we can't wait for more fun and laughs on our 3rd photo shoot!!!

Skye and Starz :)

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