Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sketch books and drawing together

Hi all,

Starzia and I spent some of yesterday drawing together:)
It was so much fun....and I found it just incredible listening to her "arts" language as she drew.
She spoke about adding more detail into her work, about patterns, about colour and about putting more effort into her work and not rushing. (Thats my art teacher talk being regurgitated back to me:))
Then it made me think how much she has actually learnt from me and how ART is such a big part of our lives.
(Well no wonder really!!!!!!!)

Anyway to keep my story flowing....I bought Starzia ANOTHER sketch book the other day and spoke to her about using this one properly. IE not ripping out every single page...but rather it being a story and a progression about her art and her ideas.

These are some of her pages in her art journal.

This is a drawing of Starzia surfing in her bikini's:)

Then a picture of her and I and all our love for each other. I think the animal is her "imaginery/I would like one if I can't have a dog", pet rabbit.

Then the picture of her and her wanted puppy dog!!!! With a pink ribbon in his hair:)

This one was interesting???!!!! It's her picture of a monster. (We have just recently watched Monsters Inc)

Then another picture of the two of us with piggy tails in our hair:)

And another:)
I feel so loved. It's easy to see whats important to her in her little life:)

Then this cute one is Ellie the elephant trying to catch stars:)

And this is Starzia and I in our little car "Alice".

Then we had a birthday party to goto and this was Starzia's card that she drew.
It's Starzia and her friend with butterflies and a flower.
Gorgeous use of colour hey.

Then Starzia saw what I was drawing and liked it. She asked if she could draw the same as me. I said absolutely:)

So this is my love butterfly with flowers....not yet completed......

and this is her version:)

Just gorgeous hey.

I also managed to squeeze in a rough sketch of a whale........

and my carousel horse. I love this one and especially the dappled light of the photo.

Well I hope that you are enjoying being creative as we have been:)

Skye and Starz

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